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Streamlining Accounts Payable 

Ideal AP has developed an innovative Accounts Payable Platform to fill the gaps in the purchase-to-pay business process. Until now, these gaps have been filled with paper documents or scanned images and labor-intensive processes. The Ideal AP Accounts Payable Platform has been proven to enhance operational efficiencies, optimize working capital, eliminate costly errors and improve vendor relationships.     <more>


Tip of the week 

Make files and documents accessible while maintaining control.  If possible, encourage your staff to reference data on your computer rather than pulling the original file.    <more>


Ideal AP 

We understand the complexity and the unique details of the accounts payable business process for discrete product manufacturing and distribution companies and designed our accounts payable platform to meet those requirements. <more>



Numerous studies quantify the specific cost of the procure-to-pay business process.  While individual study conclusions may not be directly applicable to your enterprise, one thing is clear. Companies that undertake projects to improve the efficiency of their Accounts Payable department are discovering a rapid ROI and a previously overlooked strategic asset. <more>




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