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Case Studies

A defense products supplier was able to eliminate 75% of their 50,000 invoices. 

Direct Cost Savings: 

Reduced the cost associated with invoice data input, manual re-keying, input errors, manual filing, misplaced paper invoices and the related storage requirements. 

 Indirect Cost Savings: 

Eliminating the time and errors associated with paper invoices improved cycle times and created the opportunity to take advantage of vendor discounts for timely payment.

 AP Department Transformation:

The dramatic reduction in the time required for clerical tasks eliminated the need to spend long hours inputting data.  Some of the AP staff was re-assigned to review statements from suppliers and following-up on outstanding credits. In the first year, the company recovered $350,000---money that went straight to the bottom line.

 All of this translated into increased salaries and higher morale in the department.




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