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Ideal Partners

Partnerships with leading-edge companies are been key to developing and delivering the Ideal Accounts Payable Solutions. The Ideal Business Alliance Program brings together companies with complimentary experience, services and value-added products to meet customers specific supply chain collaboration needs.

The Program is comprised of three types of partnerships:

Distribution Partners provide Ideal AP's Solutions to the manufacturing and supplier communities through their value-oriented marketing, sales and delivery channels. 

System Integrator Partners add the value of their best practices and proven methodologies to deliver superior implementation services and complementary products to customers. 

Technology Partners supply customers with technology products and systems that complement the Ideal Accounts Payable Solutions.

Ideal AP engages in relationships with companies that have the resources to provide a complete range of complementary services to new and existing customers. Interested in the Ideal Business Alliance Program? 

As a partner, we will work with you to develop and deliver market leading Accounts Payable Solutions to manufacturers and Distributors around the globe. We seek partners who can add value with proven technologies and methodologies that result in high customer satisfaction.

By partnering with Ideal AP, you will benefit from our best of breed solutions, domain expertise and integration experience. As you expand your customer reach, you will increase your profitability through additional revenue streams, resulting in real ROI.

To qualify to become a Distribution Partner, System Integrator Partner or Technology Partner, begin by contacting us at                                               .




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