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Streamlining Accounts Payable 

Ideal AP has developed an innovative Accounts Payable Platform to fill the gaps in the purchase-to-pay business process. Until now, these gaps have been filled with paper documents or scanned images and labor-intensive processes. The Ideal AP Accounts Payable Platform has been proven to enhance operational efficiencies, optimize working capital, eliminate costly errors and improve vendor relationships.


Document scanning and imaging software solutions focus on eliminating the paper invoices found in most accounts payable departments. These technologies make it easier to search for a specific invoice and potentially replace the paper invoice with pictures of the paper invoice. In some cases these technologies can even perform some cursory invoice validation, but their primary focus is on delivering a picture of an invoice to the AP desk.  Once the image is created all the sorting, matching, validating, discrepancy management and vouchering is still done the same way you always did it - with a lot of labor.  This is because eliminating the labor intensive work in an accounts payable department is simply beyond the scope and capabilities of these solutions.

Outsourcing the accounts payable process simply shifts the expense, in essence sweeping the dirt under the carpet, but outsourcing does nothing to address the fundamental cost drivers. Your invoices, purchase orders and stock receipts will still have all the same mistakes that cause you to loose early payment discount opportunities, make incorrect payments and generate financial compliance issues.

The Ideal AP Accounts Payable Platform works with your existing systems, to leverage your investment in people, processes and technology to create a completely automated accounts payable solution. Join the growing number of manufacturers and distributors benefiting from our industry expertise - achieving a true competitive advantage and bottom-line results and with Ideal AP.




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