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Tip of the week 

Make files and documents accessible while maintaining control.  If possible, encourage your staff to reference data on your computer rather than pulling the original file.   


Only AP staff should retrieve and replace files.

If someone needs a document from a file, it's better to give them a photocopy and not the original file.  This prevents lost documents and reduces the number of files that need to be tracked.

Always use an out card when pulling a file.  This makes re-filing faster while providing a visual reminder that a file is checked-out.  Vinyl out cards with pockets for new documents eliminate the need to maintain a pending file for documents that come in while the file is checked-out.  Preprinted charge-out cards go in a small pocket on the out card, thus eliminating the need to write on the card or fill out a charge-out slip. 

 The IdealAP system completely automates your vendor invoices and discrepancy resolution documents reducing the need to access original paper documents, speeding the look-up process, eliminating the time required to re-file and minimizing the possibility that invoices and other important documents could be lost.




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